You look best in a custom-made dress. Anything else is a compromise.
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Dress designed by L.F.

Dress designed by L.F.

Fabric: Cotton (Lilac)
Description: The main colour to be similar to S22 as much as possible (lilac). The tie around the hips the strip of colour around the skirt and the fabric around the neck and sleeves to be cream like C04 but also in cotton.
1. The dress has a zip down the back
2. a square neckline
3. sleeves that come just below the elbow
4. and the skirt ends just below knees.
5. The strip of cream partway down the skirt is about 4 inches thick and underneath it the lilac carries on for another 3 inches.
6. I would like the tie around the hips to be detachable.
7. The neckline and sleeves have cream around the outside (2 inches wide around sleeves and half an inch around the neckline).
8. the whole dress is cotton not satin or chiffon.

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